Migration underway!

As we were weighing anchor this morning at sunrise large flocks of Canada geese and cormorants took wing headed south. I guess they noticed and figured if we were leaving, so should they! Other than a bit chilly, the conditions are perfect. A west wind at 6 to 9 knots has us moving at 5 to 6 knots. As expected, the bay is crowded with boats who also are moving south.

There are several organized rallies that are leaving this area who provide professional weather briefings for those sailors who haven’t the background to do that for themselves, a very valuable service. But it seems that a lot of these boats missed the point of the reason to leave today instead of yesterday.

Yesterday’s weather was light winds from the south, which would have meant a slow and tedious sail down the bay, or a day of motoring. So what are most of the boats out here today doing? MOTORING! Anybody planning to motor the length of the bay should have left yesterday! Very much an example of following the herd instead of thinking. But, it’s safe, and I hope they are all having fun!

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