This was Fun…

We do not regularly follow a lot of YouTube channels, but there are a few we touch base with once in a while.

“Super Yacht Captain” has frequently provided an entertaining education about a part of the marine world we don’t directly participate in, but do see the periphery of. This episode was fun for us because it was the first time he was in what we consider OUR part of the world. Very interesting for us to see it from a very different perspective.

The boat yard they are headed to is exactly where we have Harmonie serviced every fall. We have made this exact trip over a dozen times now.

It was especially fascinating to see these guys who usually haunt the French Riviera wax on about how amazing the Fort Lauderdale waterfront was. It took a couple layers of waxy indifference off our eyes, and we will look at it with a new perspective when we are down there again in a few weeks.

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  1. says:

    Wow! I’m willing to bet AWOL would not be found anchored out in Richardson Bay. You are very blessed to be living and traveling in such beautiful environs. Stay healthy and happy. Thanks for sharing your travels. Curt


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