Everybody talks about it…

The weather, of course!

Much more than most land-based people (you farmers excepted!) we pay a LOT of attention to the weather. The prevailing winds in the the Bahamas are from the east. Sometimes a bit north of east, sometimes a bit south of east. In the winter, a strong cold front can come this far south and swing the wind around to the southwest and northwest for a day or two. That’s basically it.

We had the good fortune to ride south to Georgetown on the tail of the last major cold front with a north wind. But it is getting rather late in the season to count on those any more. Even though there is a powerful cold front moving through the southeast USA over the next few days, it is not forecast to get this far south at all.

That leaves us with a choice… we can either wait, hoping that ONE more cold front will dip this far south and swing the wind, or just suck it up and motor into the wind. Yesterday, we sucked it up and ran the Volvo for 8 hours for our move from Georgetown to Thompson Harbor on Long Island.

Today was a productive day. We managed to finally fill our diesel tanks. We didn’t need much, but we expect to be in places where fuel is difficult to come by for some time. We tried in Georgetown but the fuel station ran out just as we arrived. We also topped off the last of our provisions. Having literally followed the supply boat into the harbor last night, the grocery store was well stocked this afternoon. Then we had a delightful meet up with Mark and Denise from S/V Cara at “Tiny’s Hurricane Hole,” a great beach bar. All in all a good day.

Tomorrow, we are headed further south, into the Ragged Islands. We will likely be off the gird for a week or so as we meander down the mostly uninhabited islands. Exploring, fishing, and shelling will be our priorities. Hopefully, we will have good stories, and photos to report.

I do feel like we are giving Long Island the short shift here. Certainly a lot of people do love it. But we can not stop and linger everywhere, or we get nowhere!

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2 Responses to Everybody talks about it…

  1. Will and Theresa Hill says:

    Safe travels you two.


  2. James Alton says:

    Bill, It is always great to hear your updates. Best of luck in finding a good weather window for your push against the trades. James SV Sueno


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