Current Location: 25 09.3N 73 04.7W
Distance from San Salvador: 103 NM.
Distance from Culebra: 600NM
Local time: 08:39
Weather: Cloudy, Wind 18E, Seas 5-6 feet

I believe I talked bout how we were going to have a pretty easy trip of it, IF the forecasts were right. Well, the forecasts have been from the beginning, consistent between models, very favorable, and very WRONG.

From the southeast they say. Swinging to the south. Perfect for making your way east. HA! Since we rounded the northern end of San Salvador we have been close hauled sailing hard into a wind within a few degrees of due east. The forecasts keep promising a 90 degree shift, and it just doesn’t happen.

Nothing much else to say! The boat is sailing well in it’s own happy groove. The weather is gray, with scattered squalls. Other than a couple of cargo ships going by, nothing much to see.

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