Settling in…

Our sail from Bequia down to Grenada was epic. Fast, and fun. Just the boat blasting along through the water as fast as she can.

We are settled into Port Louis in Grenada just soon enough for… the first tropical storm of the season to blow right over the top of us. Shouldn’t be much of an issue actually. Although is is ironic that the place we picked to be as safe from hurricanes as possible is bullseye for the first Atlantic tropical storm of the year.

Why Grenada? It is outside of the normal route of severe tropical weather. Because it is so close to the northern coast of South America, it is hard for a serious hurricane to spin up here. It DOES happen, but they are very far apart. Our insurance company was happy to cover us here, so all is good. The marina we are in is very well protected, and we are securely tied down.

Because of the relative safety from severe tropical weather, Grenada is a popular summering ground for boats that spend the rest of the year cruising the Caribbean. We are sandwiched in between two other Amels here. Another Super Maramu who we met 4 or 5 years ago in the Chesapeake, and Amel’s newest and grandest model, the Amel 60.

Grenada is a beautiful island, and one we are very much looking to explore.

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