if Fast is Fun..

If fast is fun, we are having a ball! With 17 to 20 knots of wind on the beam, we are barreling through the water at 9 to over 10 knots.

Skies are clear, with a bright moon. The sea is quite flat. Our only visible company is a large cruise ship heading back to Houston after her visit to Cancun. We are off the tip of the Yucatan peninsula and have just crossed that imaginary line from the Caribbean Sea to the Gulf of Mexico. From here it’s about 680 miles to our destination in Corpus Christi.

A few minor issues have come up typical of a boat sailing after too long idle, but they have all been handled. Our weather forecast continues to look promising, so life is good!

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2 Responses to if Fast is Fun..

  1. Cindy Johnson says:

    What a wonderful post! So glad to hear you’ve had “smooth sailing” thus far. Enjoy the rest of your journey!


  2. James Alton says:

    Enjoy these times! James


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