So much work has been going on on the boat to get her ready, that she hasn’t had the chance to get out away from the dock and actually go sailing. That was fixed this past week.

A short trip up to Drakes Bay, about 25 miles up the coast was planned. A quick up, anchor for the night, and come back home. Enough to test most all of the systems, but nothing so long and difficult that if something didn’t work as expected we’d be too far from home.

Basically everything performed flawlessly. The trip up was a delightful sail. We saw 15 to 25 knots of wind the whole way. The boat handles the stronger winds better than ever with the new rigging. Less heeling, and more under control. I am very happy with the performance. The engine did what we asked of it, especially on the trip back home when the wind was less cooperative.

On the way back we did stop for a little bit and harvest some rockfish. We caught a limit of fish in about 45 minutes, into the new freezer they went.

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