The Haulout

Anytime a boat comes out of the water for maintenance and projects it is a traumatic time.  Traumatic to the wallet, to the schedule, and to the people involved.  That is double true for boats that are routine liveaboards!

Here is the list of projects from our June haulout:

  • All new Dyneema standing rigging
  • New topping lifts
  • New jib halyard
  • New mizzen halyard
  • New mizzen staysail halyard.
  • All zincs replaced
  • Bottom sanded, primed and painted with two coats
  • Rudder removed, cut open and inspected, relaminated, reinstalled
  • New freezer built and installed
  • Airmar  wx200 wind, barometer, heading, gyro, temperature instrument installed
  • New Simrad radar installed
  • Mizzen spreader lights installed.
  • Steaming light replaced
  • Propane system upgraded
  • Three sea cock valves replaced
  • Topsides painted
  • Max prop disassembled, greased, and reinstalled.
  • New name lettering on transom.
  • Instrument wiring completely updated to NMEA2000
  • Simrad Go-Free wifi installed

Some of these were big projects, some small. But now they are all done!  The biggest single job was the new rigging, replacing the 15 year old stainless wires with Dyneema.  I’ll write more about this later…

We lived on the boat up the ladder for the entire 3 weeks we were out of the water. All this was done at the Berkeley Marine Center. Cree, Julie, Carl, Eric, and the rest of the crew were great. Everything went as smoothly as can be expected with so many varied and complex projects going on at once.


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