End of the first day at sea…

Going has been really slow. The wind has been light and variable, and mostly from the south. There is a long swell coming in from the West, which has made going kind of sloppy. Karen is “getting her sea legs”, but feeling a little better.

A pod of large dolphins, a minke whale and a couple of albatross were today’s entertainment.

The wind is just now picking up and clocking around to the “right” direction. We’re finally moving faster and in a direction vaguely toward Hawai’i!

Only 2039 miles to go!

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1 Response to End of the first day at sea…

  1. Marlys Becl says:

    Really enjoying this blog. Still amazed; an engineer that can write too! Love the whale in the harbor. In 2700 miles, we never saw one! You guys are on terrific voyage – wish you both the best sailing ever! I’ll be watching from my computer! marlys


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