Steady Progress

After a very frustrating start yesterday where we struggled to find enough wind to get the boat moving away from the coast, an pick up in the breeze overnight got the boat running like a dog with a bone in her teeth. We ended up making a noon to noon run of 122 miles.

During the day today we have had variable conditions, but mostly we are making respectable progress in the right direction. Although that legendary downwind run to Hawai’i remains elusive as we continue close on the wind.

Karen has seemingly completely recovered from her initial queasiness and is having a great time. She did comment that she was glad the wind was up overnight when she couldn’t really see how big the waves were.

Today’s wildlife count, one distant whale spout, one ocean sunfish, a school of white sided dolphin, and an albatross. By the way if you aren’t familiar with an ocean sunfish (Scientific name: Mola mola) it is well worth looking up. The are the largest bony fish, and certain one of the most surreal looking critters.

Update to that last paragraph, moments after I wrote it, more whales, dolphins, and several very large, very fast fish buzzed around the boat.

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2 Responses to Steady Progress

  1. Doug Bieber says:

    You go Karen!


  2. Lisa says:

    Please stay safe.


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