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Today is warm and sunny, just a trace of a breeze. Delightful really. We buzzed around the harbor in our dinghy getting pictures of boats, lunch in town, spent some time swimming, organizing for our time in port on the mainland. Nothing broke today, and nothing needed fixing!

Here is your test for the day. The boat in the photo is a commercial fishing boat of a type I had thought extinct. I have only ever seen one of it’s kind before, and that was in New England.

What does Leah Gail fish for and how?

What does Leah Gail fish for and how?

Here is a photo of the Leah Gail.  Click on the photo for the full sized image.  That long tall structure off her bow is not a mast, rather when she is working it lowers down close to the water, a super long bowsprit.

Here is your two part question:  What does she fish for, and how does she catch them?

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4 Responses to Today’s Quiz

  1. Trevor says:

    But today, and possible more so in Southern California in ealruy fall,,these boats are also used for tagging migrating whales. Man at the end of the bow boom with a long pole and a suction cup with a transponder attached.

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    • Bill Kinney says:

      I’ll give Trevor half credit here, because what he says is certainly possible, but this boat was equipped with REAL harpoons and the floats used to tired the fish. What they do is spear the fish, and let it run off with a large float ball attached. The fish fights against the float ball, when it tires, they snag the float and pull the fish onboard.


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