And you thought Seagulls were bad?

If you have ever kept a boat docked around saltwater you know the war that boat owners are constantly waging against seagulls and related birds.  They think boats make perfectly good bedrooms, which wouldn’t be too bad, but they also think they make great bathrooms DSCN0806too. There is no compromise.  The seagulls have to go, but getting rid of them is very much easier said than done.

At the marina here in San Diego there is one boat which gets the worst treatment from birds I have ever seen. The deck is strewn with fish heads, tails, guts, and bones.  With a goodly helping of bird droppings just to add to the mix. It’s a stinky mess I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. All of this is the result of just ONE bird…

_DSC7979…the marina’s resident osprey. Such a regal and cool bird to watch. So terrible to have living on your boat!  He chose this boat above all others because the mast is clear on the top, no antennas or other obstructions.  It also has a clear upwind approach in the prevailing wind directions here.

May I never have the honor to be so chosen!

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1 Response to And you thought Seagulls were bad?

  1. Tim Han says:

    I just showed Tiffany several pictures of osprey catching fish, taking off from the water, and aligning them to be streamlined for flying, and she thinks you are the luckiest person living on a sailboat!


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