Military Intelligence

On a pier here in San Diego Bay that belongs to the Navy there is a stack of prefabricated offices.  DSCN0797-2The building-block structure is festooned with fancy cameras, radar antennas, and a bunch of high-tech looking stuff that must be the best that our tax dollars can buy that is, I am sure, doings lots of very important things.

Of course if you take identical building blocks and stack them on top of each other, you end up with some “redundancies”.  Like doors that hinge out into open space 15 feet above the ground.

Now of course if this was being done for you, or me, or some other person allowed to have a creative thought we would lock the door, throw away the key, put a desk in front of it, maybe nail it shut for good measure,  and be done with it.

DSCN0797But… If this building was part of your government job, you would have to follow the rules.  You would have to post a sign on the OUTSIDE of the door, 15 feet up in the air, letting all the local birds know that this was “NOT AN EXIT”.


Would it have been funny, or painful, to have watched the committee who decided that this was a good and useful thing to do? If must have been a committee, no single person could have been so stupid.  This is some odd combination of funny and sad.

I am trying to figure out if it would be funnier if it said, “NOT AN ENTRANCE”.

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