Time is getting short in San Diego

San Diego at night.  The tracks in the sky are planes coming in to Lindbergh Field

San Diego at night. The tracks in the sky are planes coming in to Lindbergh Field.  This is our view from the marina here.

We are coming to the end of our time here in San Diego.  Boat projects and repairs are about wound up.  Our target departure date in the middle of next week, depending of course on the details of the weather.

Speaking of weather, the central Pacific coast of Mexico is in line to get hammered really hard by a hurricane that grew up in a hurry, much bigger and more dangerous than the forecasts of just a few days ago expected. The central pressure of the storm was reported this morning to be as low as 880 mb.  My barometer onboard only goes down to 940.  I am very glad I am nowhere near that thing!

The Easter Pacific Hurricane Season is ending, but it sure is going out with a bang! This is the reason so many boats hang out in various places along the Southern California coast in the fall waiting for the tropical storm season to wind down before heading south.

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1 Response to Time is getting short in San Diego

  1. Tim Han says:

    Hello Bill!

    Happy Birthday!!! (My computer tells me it’s your birthday, so it MUST be so.)

    I just read several posts here on your blog and they are very entertaining, with great pictures! I hope all is going well for your departure from San Diego.

    I never got a chance to give you a formal farewell, so from the comfort of my couch I wish you the fair winds and following seas, and the very best of luck!!

    Sincerely, Tim

    PS You are already missed here at OCSC, and your presence will especially be missed at the next instructor meeting. 🙂

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