Sailing again.

We are off again!

A day or two of waiting for the weather to settle, and we found a good time to get out of San Diego on Thursday, Oct 30. It was a breezy afternoon, and we made good time getting out of the harbor and away from the coast. Then… Late Thursday night he wind slowed to a trickle. Then early Friday morning it stopped altogether.

If the computer weather models are to be believed, we are going to sit here and bob aimlessly in the waves for most of the day. Oh well.

Sitting on the ocean waiting for wind one thing that might surprise landlubbers is the noise. The boat rocks on the waves, and there is a cacophony of hull creaks and groans, slapping rigging, banging sails, and other unidentified noises. The sounds aren’t “structured”, but random and inconsistent, and rather unpleasant. On the other hand, when a boat is sailing well, the sounds might be just as loud, but they are “organized” noises that have a rhythm, and almost a musicality. Hopefully we’ll be hearing that tune before too long.

Speaking of San Diego, I have to say only nice things about Shelter Cove Marina. The staff, facilities, and location were great. They did everything they could to make us “transients” fell like we were at home. If you are bringing a boat to San Diego, give them a call.

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2 Responses to Sailing again.

  1. Sharon says:

    THANKS so much for the wonderful recommendation! Hope to see you again in the future. :^)


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope the wind picked up and your are really off!!


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