The Best Quiz Yet!

OK, This one is tough.  I’ll give some hints,NCM_0011 but first here is the object:

Feel free to click on it and get a full size image.

This was found in a shop on one of the very shi-shi shopping streets in Waikiki.  It was not for sale, it was a tool of the trade.

The shop sold a single type of item that varied in price from $350 to $1500. The proprietor was very proud of this thing, and explained that is was very rare and made by only one old family in Japan.  Since it had a description of what it was clearly printed on it, I had to smear that out to make it a challenge!  I left the manufacturers name  visible just in case somebody is better or more persistent with a web search than I was…


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5 Responses to The Best Quiz Yet!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, we know it is a measuring device. We know that it is open to its largest measurement. We know that you place it over the object to be measured and that you squeeze it closed with the handles. So….what does it measure? Looking at the size of the handles it appears to open about 12 inches, so that object to be measured is usually less than 12″ and is generally round in shape.

    I know! A cheese cake ring!!!!. Or maybe an abalone measure. Or maybe even a measure for really egotistical men


  2. Anonymous says:

    It is a “Scissor Type Ring Compass Cap Hat Size Measuring Tool “.


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