First Hawaii Fish

We took the boat out fishing today.  We actually tried yesterday, but it was blowing so hard (30 knots) that we came back early.  It was much nicer today, 15 to 20 knots.  We actually caught our first Hawaii fish, the cutest little tuna I have ever seen.  A Yellowfin, about 2 pounds.  So small he didn’t even take any drag off the reel.  I’d show a picture, but we dumped him back to grow up before we got the camera out.

In Hawaiian a tuna can be an “Ahi” if it is large, or if small, it is called a “shibi”.  This one we caught today was very much a shibi.

At first this seemed strange, having a different name for a small fish and a big fish of the same type. After a moments thought, we do it all the time in English.  Dog/Puppy  Cat/kitten Cow/calf.

Fishermen do it all the time everywhere for fish.  “Mine” is always bigger than “Yours”!


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