A New Low…

I have ranted here in the past about the customer service here at the state run marina in Waikiki. Today they set a new record for stupid.

It’s very windy here today, blowing boats toward the dock. The boat next to us here had been left with stern lines too loose. Every gust of wind was driving its bow against the dock. The anchor was tearing chunks out of the dock, and tangling with the dock’s water piping, bending, and threatening to tear it out.

I called the office to let them know. The answer? “I’ll call the boat owner and let him know.”

An hour later Nothing has changed. So I called again to let them know it is getting worse. Silly me. It’s 12:02. They have all gone to lunch. With 6 people working there you would think half could take lunch at 11:30 and half at 12:30, but no. Noon to one is lunch, customers just have to wait. They never actually do anything about it. It’s left to people staying on the other boats around to solve the problem.

Why would anybody want to keep there boat in a marina where the staff refuse to lift a finger to save the boat and the dock when the owner isn’t present? I can hardly wait until Bernie Sanders becomes president. Then everything will run with this level of efficiency and care!

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