Fast progress…

N21 18.3  W157 23.4

We are sailing close hauled into the tradewinds which are blowing at about 20 knots.  The boat is steering herself, no autoplilot or windvane needed.  We are making almost 7 knots boat speed.  Molokai and Oahu are disappearing behind us.  It a fast run, and a very wet one as we crash through the waves.

Boat is working well, and we are all working at gaining our sea legs.

Our objective is to get far enough north that we avoid a large high pressure system that has no wind, and that we find the region where the wind blows from the west, to carry us quickly toward the California Coast.

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1 Response to Fast progress…

  1. kls6917 says:

    I wish you all many hours of sweet sailing! Oh, and eat lotsa fish!!!!


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