Land behind

Time: 09:12 local
Lat: N22 55
Log: W157 10

We continue to make rapid progress to the north. Boat speed is consistently above 7kt. Winds are running around 20 with gusts to 23. Just tucked it a second reef. It’s hard to believe that the weather model say our biggest challenge will be crossing an area of light and variable wind.

I was in the cabin this morning when I her a loud and excited expletive from the crew on deck. I bounced up, “What’s wrong?!” The reply, “oh sorry! Nothing wrong, just flying fish!”

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2 Responses to Land behind

  1. kls6917 says:

    Bonked by a flying fish!!!! Better a fish than a squid!


  2. Kevan says:

    Bill, are you posting your gps coordinates anywhere?


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