Same, same…

Time: 0800 local
Lat: 24 22
Log 156 55

Nothing new and dramatic. It has been so far a bit of a trip of one day after another. We continue to press hard close hauled making our way north.

The weather models have been only generally right at describing the weather we are seeing. So in return it seems only far to use them as a general guide and not for highly specific decisions. That said, they all seem to agree that over the next three days we will see a the winds come down a bit from the steady 20 knots we have at the moment. In about five or seven days we should begin to get into the westerly winds, and can make our turn east.

We have been doing very well with the Duogen in its water mode. At the speeds we are making, it supplies almost all the power we need. Since it has been kind of rough, I have not unfolded the solar panels. The few hours the sun hits the east facing panel, brings everything up full and happy. I ran the electric autopilot all night, and the batteries dropped only about 4%. With the sun up, they are being charged at about 10 amps.

So far, only one equipment casualty, the main topping lift broke. Not a disaster for us, the lazy jacks will hold the boom up.

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