And now for more of the same…

Time: 0620 local
Lat: 32 51
Log: 150 01
Distance from Hawaii: 814
Distance to Golden Gate: 1385
24 hour distance made good: 132.1 nautical miles

All four independent weather models agree on the kind of winds we should have been experiencing for the last two days: 10-15 knots from the northwest. Well, they were close on the northwest part…

For the second straight day we are looking at winds that actually run 25-35 knots with the occasional fun run up to 40. Right now as I write this the true wind speed reading is 37.5 knots. Nothing boat or crew can’t take, but it is tiring. Going this fast into these waves gives the boat a quick, unpredictable motion that requires a handhold at all times above and below decks.

We have up about half the jib, and a triple reefed main and are making 6 to 7 knots. When I ordered the new main sail I debated its I should get the third reef or not, wondering how often I would actually use it. The answer: A lot!

I can’t wait to see what today’s run of the weather models has to say!

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1 Response to And now for more of the same…

  1. kls6917 says:

    Glad you are making such good time! I disliked 42 knots of wind! Keep up the good spirits!!!


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