Another day…

Time: 6:10 local (we are now 1 hour ahead of Hawaii time)
Lat: 32 49
Log: 147 33
Distance from Hawaii: 884
Distance to Golden Gate: 1259
24 hour distance made good: 125.3 nautical miles

A few minor mechanical issues taken care of today. On the mainsail several of the luff slides had chafed through their attachment to the sail. Tom and I spent a fair amount of time on deck lashing them back together getting drenched as the boat charged along under jib and mizzen. While working at the mast, we discovered that the gate in the luff track on the mast had broken. This does not affect the boat’s sailing abilities at all, but it does make setting, furling or reefing the mainsail a very fussy two man job until I figure out a fix.

Other things pretty much just routine tightening of things that shake themselves loose. A lot of time in my day is taken up by just moving around the boat looking at things, looking for any little change I can catch before it gets to be a big problem.

Editors Note: As usual, I started the draft of my daily blog posting in the evening. Then complete it once I am settled in on my morning watch. During my midnight to 2AM watch, the jib furling line chafed through and broke. Annoying this, because it was something I had been watching for! We are rigged up with a functional replacement, although not a pretty one!

On the weather front, finally the models are making predictions that are coming true. The winds have backed more westerly and eased off to 15 – 20 knots. Enough to make the boat move right along, without making lots of extra work!

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