As the wind blows

Time: 6:18 local
Lat: 34 10
Log: 143 02
Distance from Hawaii: 1101
Distance to Golden Gate: 1021
24 hour distance made good: 110.9 nautical miles

All the wind models agree that in three days a high pressure system will be moving in from the southwest toward our track to San Francisco Bay. If they are right, and we stayed on that track we would sail straight into a day or more of no wind. So we are following their advice, and taking a slightly more northerly route, hopefully that will keep us in the wind.

As forecast the wind has veered all the way to the southwest as the next front approaches. The downwind run that gives us is now delightful. The ocean is almost flat, the boat now has a slow gentle rocking motion. The wind has just picked up to about 15 knots giving us a smooth comfortable ride.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Sounds lovely!


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