Never ask the ocean for more wind…

Time: 6:18 local
Lat: 35 20
Log: 140 55
Distance from Hawaii: 1226
Distance to Golden Gate: 899
24 hour distance made good: 126.4 nautical miles

A short note today, it has been a long tiring night. The weather service added a new note to the weather map near our position, it says GALE. And I can confirm that we spent most of the night in winds of 35-40 knots. Fortunately running downwind, with only a little scrap of jib pulling up along so not as bad as it could be. Still, 40 knots is not fun.

So, we gybed and headed south where the winds are forecast to be lighter. Just a few miles seems to have made a huge difference.

Other than being tired the crew is fine, and the boat is as she was, working well.

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