22 April, 2016 15:23

Time: 6:35 local (we changed time zones again yesterday, this is a 23 hour day) Lat: 35 48
Log: 138 41
Distance from Hawaii: 1329
Distance to Golden Gate: 787
23 hour distance made good: 112.6 nautical miles

Moments after I sent yesterday’s report about all being well we had the most significant mechanical failure of the trip. The pump shaft seal failed in the hydraulic autopilot drive. Have to check on its warranty status, it’s only 6 months old!

Of course it took an hour or so to figure out what had gone wrong, and another two hours to fully rig up “Wendy” the wind vane. All the while Tom is getting some undesired experience in hand steering a big boat downwind in big waves. He did a great job, and now Wendy has taken over. We can’t push quite as fast, or run as straight a line with Wendy, but she did fine all day in difficult conditions.

We as now on a beam reach in 17 to 20 knot winds making good time. Wind and waves are settling down, and it is a much more comfortable ride now. Hope to have seen the last of 30+ knot winds for at least a few hours, I put up some more sail to keep our speed up.

Still looks like the 28th or 29th will find us under the Golden Gate Bridge.

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