An Awesome Boat

Time: 08:20 local
Lat: 36 51
Log: 133 40
Distance from Hawaii: 1567
Distance to Golden Gate: 536.8
24 hour distance made good: 126 nautical miles

Sometimes it seems like the blog must read like the “Perils of Pauline”. A listing of this broke, then that went wrong, then something else went haywire. While it is true that stuff happens, most of the time it is just pretty fantastic out here. For example:

For the last 36 hours the wind has been between 17 and 25 knots almost all the time, and steady from the NNW. That has allowed me to get the boat set so she’ll steer herself on a beam reach toward San Francisco by fiddling with the three sails and rudder angle. Except for a couple minor course corrections, nobody has touched the wheel in over a day. If you aren’t a sailor, you might not appreciate how special that is.

Many, maybe most, sailboats can hold a more or less steady course themselves when sail into the wind. Very few are well balanced enough to do that sailing across the wind through changing winds and waves while keeping a good turn of speed up.

She IS an awesome boat!

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2 Responses to An Awesome Boat

  1. Ed says:

    It must be a fine sight!


  2. Lisa says:

    Of course!


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