Closer, closer….

Time: 08:05 local
Lat: 37 04
Log: 131 17
Distance from Hawaii: 1674
Distance to Golden Gate: 421.7
24 hour distance made good: 115 nautical miles

As the end of our voyage is in sight (well, not literally) the wind gods have decided to be fickle with us. We had a good afternoon, but the over night sail was frustrating and hard work. Wind was highly variable in strength and direction requiring constant adjustment of sail trim and course.

Hopefully the winds will pick up during the day and get us moving quickly again.

On the annoying side, we did manage to suck our water tanks dry, so now we are on our back up jugs. Enough to get us home, unless we are becalmed for a week!

I have tried getting the watermaker going, but am frustrated by air being carried into the feed line while we are moving. If air is going into the pump, it can not generate the pressure needed to desalinate water. I have a short term solution in mind, but it’s not easy or pretty. Hmmm… Have to think about this one…

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