The Rough Stuff

Time: 08:30 local
Lat: 37 44
Log: 127 06
Distance from Hawaii: 1872
Distance to Golden Gate: 219
24 hour distance made good: 137.3 nautical miles

The Northern California coast is living up to its reputation of being a rough and tumble place to sail. We are in the final weather pattern for our voyage, and it is not a fun one. Winds are between 30 and 40 knots, and the waves are large, and very wet on the frequent occasion when they break into the cockpit. The real annoyance is not the water, but that they slow our progress quite a bit. With these winds we should be doing 6.5 or even 7 knots, but the waves smack us down to just above 5. These conditions are forecast to last out through at least the weekend. In fact Saturday is supposed to be worse.

Right now from here I have three alternatives. Plan A is sail directly into San Francisco Bay. Obviously the most desired, and our current tactic. Plan B comes into play If we can’t make a flood tide. Then we have the option to detour to Drakes Bay and anchor there. That decision needs to happen by the end of the day today. Finally, if our course into SF becomes too rough in a beam sea, we can divert downwind to Santa Cruz.

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