Almost there!

Time: 08:500 local
Lat: 37 49
Log: 124 21
Distance from Hawaii: 1995
Distance to Golden Gate: 89
24 hour distance made good: 130.1 nautical miles

Hopefully this will be my last morning report from sea. After 4 days of gale and near gale conditions, we are are tired, wet, and cold. I have to give it to Tom and Steve, they have been game for everything. I haven’t once heard a whine or complaint.

The exciting thing right now are the boarding waves. About every 15 minutes, a bigger, meaner wave comes along and smacks the side of the boat sending a column of water in to the air. The biggest of these left six inches of water in the cockpit in about 2 seconds. Since we are stuck hand steering, there is no getting out of the way, you have to sit there and take it. A good way to find every tiny leak in your foul weather gear!

As we come in to the coast, the reported conditions on the weather radio this morning are milder than we have seen for some time. Unfortunately, the forecast is for nearshore conditions to worsen over the day, so we might not get to enjoy them!

Our target continues to be the early morning flood tide, passing under the Golden Gate Bridge sometime in the hours just after midnight.

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2 Responses to Almost there!

  1. Ted Thornton says:

    I am assuming you slipped under the gate last night and are gone in the bay. I am feeling lost today with no update.
    Bill thanks for the stories and sharing the adventure.


  2. Kevan says:

    Bill, Every day I await your post to see how you are and where you are. I’m so glad that you are safely near the bay. I look forward to seeing and sailing with you again.


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