Block Island Arrival…

We had a delightful sail over to Block Island today.  Steady wind, we sailed almost the whole way.  The only issue was that Block Island is southwest of Dutch Harbor.  So which way was the wind blowing from?  If you are a sailor, you already know the answer, from the southwest of course!  The weather was so perfect, we really didn’t mind the extra tacking it took to get here. We had a few other sailboats go by who were in more of a rush than we were, and just pointed straight into the wind and motored. We felt very much more sailorly, using our sails to get to where we wanted to go!

When we got here, and came in the channel to Great Salt Pond, we were greeted by a LOT of boats already in the anchorage.  And I mean a LOT!  It is a deep harbor, so finding a place to drop our anchor in water shallow enough to give us confidence in our holding and still being a bit away from other boats was a challenge.  We took a couple laps around, and found “our” spot, dropped the anchor and settled in. We got here late enough that we haven’t had a chance to explore at all yet.  That will come tomorrow.

While hanging out on deck after dark we were very glad that we arrived during daylight.  Watching people drive around, trying to find a place to anchor in the dark makes me very glad I am not them!


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  1. Jan says:

    Sounds picture perfect!! Enjoy your stay!


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