“In the Sand at Low Tide”

The previous owner’s of Harmonie wrote at one point that their plans were “written in sand at low tide.” It is a great thing to remember.  We have found that the more complex and specific the plan, the more likely it is to come apart at the seams.

The plan WAS to sail to Harbortown Marina on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina for early November.  There we would host my brother and his wife on the boat while the rest of the family rented land based places on the island. Sounds great.  Except for Hurricane Matthew.  Remember him?  I know, last week’s news…  Well it turns out one of the relatively few places on the island to suffer significant damage was the marina which is “closed indefinitely.”  They said on the phone they would be happy to host us “next year.”

Now our plan is a bit murkier.  We will be here in Annapolis until October 25th, then head south with the next weather window. Maybe stopping and anchoring in the Hilton Head area, maybe continuing to Florida where our plan is to haul the boat and renew the bottom paint.  Stay tuned…

In other news, I have added a new page to the website called “Boat Projects” (see the menu bar at the top of the page) where I’ll document, more or less, the various things we are doing to keep Harmonie the best fitted yacht and home afloat.  Probably only of interest to boat nerds, but it is a useful tool for me to keep track of what is to-do and what has been-done.

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