Time flies…

While we have been having fun, we have also been rushing to get a large pile of boat projects done before we head south.  A few we need to do (like the final repairs on the jib furler which failed on the way up the Chesapeake), a few we wanted to do (like upgrading the autopilot system) and some major routine maintenance (like rebuilding the anchor windlass).

Well, finally, all those projects are coming to completion–and none too soon!  If we stay here much longer we be caught by–shiver!–Winter!

Hopefully no later than the middle of next week we will be on our way south.  The plan, subject to change (always!) is to sail down the coast to Hilton Head in South Carolina.  The marina we had planned to stay at there is going to be closed as they patch up after Hurricane Matthew, but we’ll be able to anchor and visit family and get a taste of some of the great fishing around there.  Then, off to Florida where we’ll be taking Harmonie out of the water to put a fresh coat of bottom paint on. Once our favorite girl has a new bottom, we are off to the the Bahamas, and points further south.



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