Goodbye to the Chesapeake!

Time: 09:20 Local
Lat: 37º 18.1′ N
Long: 76º 11.4′ W
Distance from Port Annapolis: 102 NM
Distance from Caliboge Sound, SC: 385 NM


Thomas Point Light, an icon of the central Chesapeake Bay just south of Annapolis.

All day yesterday we sailed close hauled in 12 to 17 knots of wind, tacking back and forth across some of the wider parts of the Chesapeake Bay.  A delightful and smooth start to our trip.  As night came on, the wind lightened, and turned to straight on our nose so we elected to motor sail over night.  In addition to keeping us moving at a faster rate, this let us navigate narrower parts of the bay without short-tacking at night, and by staying on the edges of the shipping lanes we could avoid the fields of crab pots that crop up unpredictably around the bay.


Bloody Point Bar Light

So far, sailing and motoring we have not had any problems with mechanical issues.  All the things we fixed are working fine. The only exception is the boat’s sensor that measures speed through the water.  An older model, but very sophisticated. Maybe too much so.  It uses time-of-flight of sound waves to measure the boat’s speed.  Very sensitive and stable, but it has proven very sensitive to electrical interference. It has always been a bit fussy, but now it seems to be working union hours, at best.


Right now we are approaching Hampton Roads, VA, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, and the open ocean. The local channels are crowded with Navy and Coast Guard traffic–vessels both very large, and quite small.  You need to pay constant attention to the ASI, RADAR, radio, and your eyeballs to keep out of everybody’s way.

One thing obvious about the Chesapeake, you could explore it for a lifetime and not see all of it. There are hundreds of recognized, and many unnoticed, anchorages scattered around the bay. Places to go are varied and (mostly) beautiful. There are services everywhere for the casual and professional boater. If it wasn’t for the summertime bugs and jellyfish it would be perfect!


Wolf Trap Light

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2 Responses to Goodbye to the Chesapeake!

  1. Kevan says:

    I do enjoy following your travels. Be safe my friend.


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