Smooth Sailing

Time: 09:30 local
Lat: 35 38.6’N
Log: 75 05.1 W
Distance from Port Annapolis: 210 NM
Distance to Calaboge Sound: 356 NM

We are threading our way between the ship-eating shoals off Cape Hatteras, and the north-flowing Gulf Stream. Here the very deep water of ocean is very close to shore, and the powerful Gulf Stream follows that steep drop off. While we were on our way north the Gulf Stream was our best friend, frequently adding 3 knots to our speed north. Now, heading South, it is something to be avoided if at all possible.

Since leaving the Chesapeake we have been close hauled following the wind. The wind has been unusually cooperative, holding a steady speed of about 12 knots while clocking around from South to West in a way that let us sail the perfect course. The weather models predict more of the same.

Along with a huge and varied collection of shipping traffic at the entrance to the bay we saw several pods of harbor porpoises. Since then the ocean hasn’t presented us with anything exciting except a display of phosphorescence in our wake overnight.

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