How Big is Your Boat?

It’s a standing joke between sailors that each individual boat comes in a variety of sizes.  It is a little known fact that a boat actually changes size depending on the situation.

From smallest to the largest:

  • A boat is at its tiniest in the middle of the ocean, in bad weather.
  • When you tell the harbormaster how big your boat is, it shrinks because you pay by the length for the dock.
  • A boat gets quite a bit bigger when you are trying to park in that dock you just rented from the harbormaster!  The more current and the more wind, the bigger the boat grows.
  • When you are bragging about you boat in the local sailor bar, it grows again.
  • But the biggest your boat ever gets…pb240161is when it is time to wax the hull! Karen has been doing a fantastic job, for future reference, it takes about three full days of steady work to polish and wax the topsides.

Our project list continues to get more marked “Done” every day!

* = Done, # = In Progress

  1. # Bow thruster maintenance, including electric motor inspection. The mechanical maintenance to the thruster drive train is done, and the unit is ready to put back in the boat as soon as the motors come back. The motors are awaiting evaluation at Broward Armature and Generator.
  2. * Raw water manifold disassembly and inspection.
  3. * New zincs on the rudder.
  4. * Grease the feathering propeller.
  5. # Install new speed and water temperature sensor thru-hull fitting. Physical installation is done, wiring not yet started.
  6. * Improve installation of in-hull depth transducer.
  7. * Install new instrument display.
  8. Delrin plate to protect deck from anchor chain.
  9. * Mark both anchor rodes for length.
  10. * Lubricate seacocks.
  11. Install second water pump.
  12. Install upgraded anchor wash pump.
  13. * Tighten middle hatch support spring.
  14. # Wash and wax hull
  15. Paint transom bumper.
  16. * Straighten bent rail.
  17. Install arch and solar panels. Waiting for delivery on the key parts.  The arch left New Jersey by common carrier on the day before Thanksgiving. The panels are ready at the warehouse just down the street.

In addition to the above projects that we have been working on, we have contractors who are painting the bottom, and putting new foam in some of the cabin cushions.

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