Progress, progress, progress…

More and more projects get checked off the list.  The big one for the last few days is the installation of the arch that will support our new solar panels.  That was completed yesterday.  Today’s work was to fabricate the aluminum structure that will attach the panels to the arch.  Tomorrow the first order of business will be to lift the panels up to their new home. We are hopeful that the 630 watts of solar generating capacity will supply all of our electrical needs without resorting to the diesel powered generator.

Karen’s efforts on the hull have really paid off.  It is hard to believe that the boat is 20 years old with the shine on the topsides.  Most boats of this age are on at least the first paint job.  Although she has a few dings and dents indicative of a life well lived, it’s truly amazing how good she looks.  Amel did a spectacular job in construction quality and the previous owners did an equally spectacular job of maintaining her “like new” look.

The only catch in our schedule has been the delay in getting the bow thruster motors back from their overhaul.  Originally scheduled for today, they are not available until Monday.  While it is technically possible to launch the boat without these being installed, it will be much better if we wait.  Fortunately the yard has flexibility to let us stay here in our parking spot for a few days.  We are now scheduled to be back in the water on Wednesday morning.

Once the solar panels are up, almost all of the rest of the work will wiring and minor plumbing upgrades inside the boat. For the past few days the weather has been typical of Florida, hot and HUMID.  Getting work done inside will be much nicer once we are back in the water and can turn the AC on.

Here is the status list. Not a lot of new stars marking finished projects, but lots of progress on big pieces of the puzzle.

  1. # Bow thruster maintenance, including electric motor inspection. The mechanical maintenance to the thruster drive train is done, and the unit is ready to put back in the boat as soon as the motors come back. Both the main drive motor and the much smaller jack screw motor needed significant rebuild.  The big motor is ready, the jack screw motor will be ready Monday.
  2. * Raw water manifold disassembly and inspection.
  3. * New zincs on the rudder.
  4. * Grease the feathering propeller.
  5. # Install new speed and water temperature sensor thru-hull fitting. Physical installation is done, wiring not yet started.
  6. * Improve installation of in-hull depth transducer.
  7. * Install new instrument display.
  8. Delrin plate to protect deck from anchor chain.
  9. * Mark both anchor rodes for length.
  10. * Lubricate seacocks.
  11. Install second water pump.
  12. Install upgraded anchor wash pump.
  13. * Tighten middle hatch support spring.
  14. * Wash and wax hull
  15. Paint transom bumper.  Changed to install NEW transom bumper.  Shipping from La Rochelle France on Monday.
  16. * Straighten bent rail.
  17. Install arch and solar panels. The arch is installed.  The structure for the solar panels has been fabricated, and hopefully they will be lifted in place and bolted to their permanent home tomorrow.

The contractors have finished their work.  The bottom is painted, and the saloon settee cushions have new foam.  Very, very comfy.

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3 Responses to Progress, progress, progress…

  1. Kevin L Kimmey says:

    Bill, do you have a link to your solar panel purchase and install. I’ve ordered the Atlantic Towers Arch for our SM and was wondering about which Solar panels to attach. I plan on using the Atlantic Towers Wind generator mount as well, so not sure I will have the same mounting area as you. Just curious, thanks in advance.

    S/V Flying Free


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