Other boats…

On our way from the marina in Nassau back to Bottom Harbor south of Rose Island, we were treated to an afternoon race of the Bahamian Sloops that I mentioned yesterday.  To be very technical about it (and I KNOW I’d disappoint some people if I wasn’t very technical about it!) they are not sloops, but rather cat boats–sailboats with a single mast and a single sail set on a boom.  But no matter what you call them they are pretty…

From another world completely, anchored off Rose Island, is the Cristina O, that’s “O” as in Onassis…


At 315 feet long, she is 31st on the list of largest private yachts in the world. Look very closely at the picture and you will see the little tiny people on deck.  She is available for charter at about $560,000 a week. She has 13 cabins, so that works out to $6000 per cabin per day. For your trivia of the day… In the ship’s bar the stools are covered with leather made from whale penis.  There is lots more interesting stuff to know about this ship’s history if you look it up on Wikipedia.

We are tucked into Bottom Harbor safely anchored to wait out the weather for a few days.



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  1. jdkinney08853 says:

    Is general plan still in place, as for eastern Carribean? Any broad guess as to hoped for timing?


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