Seamster for a Day


Taking over the saloon for dinghy bag repair.

Well, part of a day at least. The storage bag that came with our dinghy we use to store the dinghy when we have it on deck.  The bag is of a reasonably functional design, but some of the materials were not chosen with an eye to long term sunlight exposure.  The strip that attached the zipper to the bag literally turned to dust with a few months of tropical sunshine.  So it needed to be taken apart and reassembled with materials more suited to the outdoors. That was most of my day yesterday.


And one dinghy back in the bag.

If the winds stay on the lighter side we will be headed off of the Exumas tomorrow.  For tomorrow the forecast is marginal, so it is possible that we’ll have to wait one more day. The forecast for the next day (Thursday) is good, so we’ll be out of here soon in any event.

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