Lazy days…

We have been anchored off the town of La Parguera for a while now.  The town is small and compact, without a lot of services, but does have a small grocery and some restaurants.  Some times when you are cruising you are active and exploring, other times you are lazy and relaxed.  Recently, we have been lazy and relaxed, hence the lack of dramatic reporting here!

Today we moved the boat a few miles east away from town, and away from the music of the bars at night.  It is now SOOOO quiet.

We have not been totally unproductive, rather we have been trying to setup some logistics unique to the lifestyle we lead. What to do about mail?  And when someone “official” asks “Where do you live?” How are we supposed to answer?

We have not had a single simple answer to those things, but that is about to change.  We are about to be come official residents of the great state of Florida.  Why Florida?  First there is a commercial service near St Augustine that that is set up specifically to help people like us with mail and other such needs.  Florida also has no state income tax, compared to California that is a very good thing.  To implement this, we need to travel to Florida, so we are going to put the boat in a marina, and fly back to handle those mundane details like drivers licenses and such.

So over the next few days we will be working our way another 20 miles further east to get to the Ponce Fishing and Yacht Club where we have reservations for a slip for the boat while we travel.


The town of La Parguera at sunset.


Typical afternoon weather, scattered showers moving past the mangrove cays.


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