We arrived yesterday at the Ponce Fishing and Yacht Club where they have dock space available for us while we travel back to Florida to do some logistics.

The fishing and yacht club is an interesting place.  Almost all the boats based here are large sportfisherman, big game fishing is obviously the entertainment of choice.  In two weeks they will be hosting their big event of the year, a fishing tournament targeting marlin and mahi-mahi.  Lots of activity around prepping the grounds and the boats.

Amazingly, in this out of the way harbor where there are a total of maybe two dozen sailboats, including us, yesterday three Amel’s arrived.  Us, plus a newer model out of France, the other an older model out of the USA. While these are popular boats, there aren’t THAT many of them around.  Karen’s theory is probably a good one, that Amels tend to be used for long range cruising in higher percentage than other brands of boats.  They just spend less time sitting at the dock!

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  1. Joel Potter says:

    Karen is correct! I hope your Florida citizen status does not affect your sales tax exemption. Not sure about those limitations so tread gently…

    Joel THE EXPERIENCED AMEL GUY 954-812-2485



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