Off Long Island.

Time 2040 local
Lat N 40° 45.0′
Lon W 72° 35.1′
Nautical miles from Sandy Hook, NJ: 67.7
Nautical miles to Edgertown, Martha’s Vineyard: 105

The weather has been great for the first leg of our trip to Boston. We have been sailing to the northeast staying about four miles off the beaches of Long Island.

Winds have been pushing the boat along fast, even faster than we had planned!  Usually we are working hard to keep moving as fast as we can, but today we actually reduced sail–not because we had to–but just to slow down!  If we had continued moving at speeds over 9 knots we would have gotten to the tricky navigation challenges around Martha’s Vineyard before daylight.  As the sun sets, it is getting cool, even cold to us delicate tropical birds. The is a slight chance of showers, but the favorable winds should continue until we get to Boston.

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