Martha’s Vineyard

DSC_1066Just a quick stop, at a beautiful place between Martha’s Vineyard and Chappaquiddick Island.  We are here for only 36 hours, just enough to get our timing into Boston Harbor right.  Around the island it is blowing quite hard from the Southwest.  But we are anchored up close to the beach in Edgartown where the wind is gusty, but moderated by the land, and there are no waves.  It is a great place to anchor, as long as the wind is not from the North. We are actually a bit surprised that the anchorage is quite empty, even at the start of the huge holiday weekend.  It will be worth a longer stop on the way back.

As the day goes on we get to watch the parade of boats coming in for the weekend.  Boats of all sizes and shapes from 100 foot yachts to tiny little Optimist dinghies.

We struggled a bit coming in, because the sonar that gives us our depth readings wasn’t working.  Makes finding a spot to anchor a bit of a challenge.  That has now been fixed.

We’ll be leaving for Boston in a few hours, running up off of Cape Cod overnight.  Again, the forecast is for a steady wind from the South or Southwest so it should be another fast and easy trip!



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