The List

I had written that we had projects that were planned for our time in Annapolis.  We postpone some non-urgent projects until we are in a major yachting center where a wide range of possible parts and support are available.  Nothing is worse than starting a repair project and finding that you need something to complete it and not only do you not have it on the boat, but it will be a week before the part can be delivery to where ever you happen to be.

So, for your education and entertainment, here, in no particular order is the list of repair projects that we have accumulated.  There are a LOT more routine maintenance things that need doing, but these are the list of “faults” that will hopefully be all, or mostly all, corrected before we head south again.

  • 24v alternator on drive engine not charging batteries.
  • Autopilot linear drive making unusual noise.
  • Broken shackle on mizzen outhaul car.
  • Jib turning block bungee worn.
  • Move lifesling forward to avoid interference with staysail sheet.
  • Replace broken shackle on mizzen topping lift.
  • Work out best way to sheet mizzen staysail to mizzen boom.
  • Batteries need replacement.
  • Repair mainmast deck light.
  • Conductivity sensor on watermaker failed.
  • Lost prop from bow thruster.
  • Replace masthead wind sensor.
  • Retrieve skied ballooned halyard.
  • Freezer “buzzes”, a new noise that needs checking into.
  • Broken cleat on mainmast.
  • Ripped seam on Yankee jib.
  • Ripped seam on mainsail.
  • Broken zipper on dodger side panel.

Isn’t sailing fun????

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2 Responses to The List

  1. bob johnson says:

    Love the list. It looks like ours did when we were cruising! We went through three alternators over the six years. One trick that often worked early in the “problem alternator” stage when it wouldn’t charge was to “excite” the alternator by putting a small test light across two of the terminals. I forget which ones, but details in Nigel Calder’s book. Usually got it going for quite a while, but a sign it will eventually need to be repaired or replaced.


  2. Jim Kinney says:

    Which is why the only boat i own is a canoe


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