Off and sailing…

Time: 2020 local

Lat 38° 44′ 25″N 

Log 76° 19′ 12″W

Well….  today we actually did very little sailing because there was NO wind.  We saw a peak gust of just over 4 knots. So we motored.

We are taking our time because we need to be sure we stay within the limits of navigation our insurance company requires, basically north of Florida until November 1.

We are anchored in a small cove off Harris Creek on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Beautiful, protected, secluded and very quiet. This is the first time in our explorations of the Chesapeake Bay we have ventured to the eastern shore because many of the harbors on that side of the bay south of Annapolis are uncomfortably shallow for us.  Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like we’ll be staying here for a few days waiting for the next frontal passage to bring northerly winds we can ride south.

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