Weather changes…

One thing about weather forecasts, they change.

 SUN  S to SE winds 20 to 30 kt, increasing to 35 to 45 kt.  Seas 6 to 10 ft, building to 10 to 17 ft.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 20.36.10

That’s from the National Weather Service for the part of the ocean we had planned to be in on Sunday… YUCK!  We are NOT going there!  It wouldn’t threaten the safety of the boat, but it certainly would not be anything I’d call remotely related to “fun.”

We are tucked into a quiet anchorage in the lower Chesapeake Bay that we are familiar with from our past explorations.  We will wait here for a few days until this mess blows away.  The anchorage is actually rather full of boats who are likely in the same situation: waiting for a comfortable weather window to head south.

A few extra days will give us a chance to do a few more boat projects.  I can have fun changing belts on the engine!



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