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We got a lot of positive feedback from our last postings of things that worked well for us on the boat, and had requests for more.  In general, my guideline here is to only talk about things we like, use, and find especially helpful on the boat. Also, hopefully things that are a bit unusual, that you will not find on everybody else’s list. So here goes with a couple more:

“No Yelling”

Sena SPH10-10 Outdoor Sports Bluetooth Stereo Headset / Intercom  Harmonie is a big boat.  When we are anchoring the normal arrangement is for Karen to be at the bow running the windlass, and for me to be at the helm.  After two years of cruising, we have enough practice at this that setting and retrieving the anchor is pretty routine. Still, the ability  to communicate more sophisticated concepts than we can by simple hand signals is a good thing.  Wind, distance, and engine noise pretty much eliminate the ability to carry on a quiet, civilized discussion, so we need something else.

These intercom headsets are the perfect solution. Primarily sold to couples riding on two separate motorcycles, they work great on a boat. Complete hands-free, light in weight, and easy to use.  They double as quality bluetooth stereo music headsets for listening to tunes without disturbing your boat mate, or as high-end headsets for your mobile phone. If you have a really big boat, with a lot of crew to coordinate, you can communicate with four other headsets at the same time

As great and helpful as they are when we are anchoring, where they are REALLY important is when I am working up the mast and need to communicate with the crew on the deck handling my lines. The only downside with these is that they have so many options and capabilities the manual takes more sorting through than you might expect.  But it’s worth it.

Diesel “Magic”

Howes 103060 ‘Diesel Treat’ Diesel Conditioner For a variety of complicated reasons, the Volvo diesels that were installed in Amel Super Maramu’s tend to smoke a little bit.  Not enough to notice unless you look really carefully, but that little bit of smoke leaves an ugly smear of soot down the side of the boat behind the exhaust exit.

This product was recommended to us by the previous owners of this boat, and we know it works.  How?  Because if we forget to add it when we fill the tank the side of our boat turns gray to remind us!

I have no idea if the rest of the claims the manufacturer of this make are true, mostly true, or bogus, but I do know for our engine, it most certainly does result in a cleaner exhaust, and we keep using because of that.  It costs about five cents a gallon, and for us, is worth it.

Waiting out the weather

We are sitting here at anchor in Fishing Bay, Deltaville, Virginia. It is just a short hop from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.  The weather for Sunday is supposed to be quite gnarly, so our plan is to sit tight and relax in this well protected harbor until Monday morning.

We feel really fortunate that we have the luxury of chosing when we can leave.  Boats that were running to a schedule and headed out into the ocean because they HAD to are going to have a very uncomfortable time of it for the next day or so.

Somebody just recently reminded me of an old saying:  When you travel by motorboat you throw away your clock. When you travel by sailboat you throw away your calender. A close corollary to that is: The most dangerous thing to have on a sailboat is a schedule.


If you buy something from an Amazon link on our blog, we get a small amount of money back from Amazon.  Very small.  Just so you know!


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