In the ocean again…

  • Time 1835 local
  • Lat: 36º 45.4′ N
  • Long 75º 50.5′ W
  • Miles from Fishing Bay, Deltaville, VA: 52.6
  • Miles to Port Everglades Inlet: 675.3

We had a fast trip down and out of the Chesapeake today, and now as the sun sets it is clear, we are sailing fast on a fairly calm ocean on a beam reach.  All is good. Well, almost all!  The weather is reminding us why exactly it is we are sailing south… it is COLD. Even as far south as Florida is having a cold night tonight, but fortunately it is supposed to be warmer by the time we get there.

Highlight of today’s departure from the Bay was a large pod of dolphin that greeted us upon our return to the ocean. They obviously missed us as much as we missed them.

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