Another Beautiful Day

Time 0915 local
Lat N 33° 45.9′
Lon W 74° 48.7′
Nautical miles from Fishing Bay, Deltaville, Virginia : 238.3 Nautical miles to Port Everglades Entrance : 535.6

After motoring last night, and most of yesterday afternoon as well, we are back to sailing in a slowly building comfortable breeze. We are now on the east side of the Gulf Stream, it is warm and sunny, and it looks like from here we are pretty much on a straight run to Florida.

When we motor, we don’t use the lights on top of the mast, rather lights down at deck level. After the moon set, and it was well and truly dark, I was at the bow of the boat. Here, our red and green light shine out.where the light hit the water, I noticed a distinct difference. In the glow of the green lamp, the phosphorescent plankton was lit up and twinkling, on the red side of the boat, nothing. Cover the green lamp with my hand, and the plankton also immediately turned off. Uncover, right back on came the bio lights.

Now you know: Plankton can “see” green light and turn on their own little green lights in response.

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