Officially “South”

Time 0845 local
Lat N 32° 00.5′
Lon W 76° 24.6′
Nautical miles from Fishing Bay, Deltaville, Virginia : 331.9 Nautical miles to Port Everglades Entrance : 403.7

Now that we are at the latitude of Savannah, Georgia, about 200 miles offshore, I think we can officially claim that we have moved “south.” Sometime this afternoon we’ll cross the halfway mark for this trip. Models forecast our arrival at Port Everglades Inlet for Sunday mid-day.

Speaking of Savannah, we both were a bit disappointed that we are too far offshore to pick up the Savannah Ship Pilots radio traffic. From passing by last year we remember a woman who staffs their radio room who has the voice of an angel. I’m sure there are dozens of sailors who frequent those waters who are in love with that voice.

For the past 12 hours or so we have been sailing with our “tradewind rig” of twin poled out headsails. When we are sailing greater than 150° off the wind this is an easy and reasonably efficient way to sail. If the weather forecasts hold up, we be under this rig almost all the way to Port Everglades. Current weather is about 78°, partly cloudy and wind of 15 knots from the Northeast.

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